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Lachlan – Everything You Need To Know

Lachlan is one of the most popular gamers on YouTube. Here are 10 mind-blowing facts!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Surely he's not just called Lachlan, is he?

No, his full name Lachlan Ross Power In Scotland, Lachlan means 'Warlike', which is handy when he's playing Call Of Duty and stuff...

Where was he born?

Lachlan was born in Australia on 25 August, 1995

When did he launch his YouTube channel?

He started posting Minecraft and Fortnite videos page in March 2013Now he has almost 4 million subscribers and has racked up over 945,000,000 views! 


His YouTube channel is called CraftBattleDuty

It's named after 3 of his favourite games: Minecraft, Battlefield and Call Of Duty


Lachlan is a huge fan of Pokémon!

His favourite character is Pidgeot, who can create windstorms by flapping his wings

His cars have a personal touch!

His cars have personalised numberplates: L4CHLAN and BANTER – making them easy to find in a supermarket car park!

lachlan | Instagram
Lachlan | Instagram

He isn't a fan of Vegemite!

Lachlan once lost a Rocket League match to his friend JAYG3R and had to eat a whole spoonful as punishment!

JAYG3R | YouTube

He does, however, LOVE pizza!

When he visited Val-d'Isère in France, he ate a pizza in the mountains while wearing a pizza onesie – proving his love of what some people say is the greatest food on earth (which it is)

lachlan | Instagram

He's 6'2

...or 188cm if you like centimetres. Either way, he's really tall!

Lachlan | Instagram

He's got a schnauzer!

His dog is called Max... Max Power! Which makes him the second coolest dog, after Gnasher, of course

Lachlan | Instagram