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Everything You Need to Know about My Froggy Stuff!

The people behind the MyFroggyStuff YouTube channel are creative geniuses – here's why you should join their army of fans!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Who are MyFroggyStuff and what do they do?

MyFroggyStuff are an arty mother and daughter called Froggy and Little Froggy and they've been making YouTube videos since 2012

MyFroggyStuff | YouTube

Are those their real names?

No! Froggy's real name is Latoya and her daughter is called Bella

My Froggy Stuff | Facebook

How many people subscribe to MyFroggyStuff?

At the last count, 1.6 million people subscribe to their channel to get advice on all things arty and crafty!


What sort of stuff do they make?

Anything and everything. And if you're a Barbie fan who loves sci-fi, you're in luck as they have a tutorial on how to give your dollhouse a Star Wars makeover – plus a tiny Porg!


What about us Harry Potter fans?

Oh, don't you worry. There's a cool tutorial on how to make a Hogwarts uniform too!


What else do they do on their channel?

They're the creators of The Darbie Show, a web series featuring Barbie dolls and a whole lot of dramaWe're fans and you should check MyFroggyStuff out now and prepare to be inspired!