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Sis vs Bro: Everything You Need To Know!

Here are some amazing facts about YouTube stars Karina and Ronald – aka Sis vs Bro!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Who are Karina and Ronald?

Karina and Ronald Calor are a sister and brother duo from Canada

SIS vs BRO | YouTube

What made them so famous?

They have their own YouTube channel called SIS vs BRO, where they film themselves doing funny challenges 


How popular are they?

While they're popular YouTubers in their own right – Karina's channel GamerGirl has over 1.3 million subscribers and Ronald's RonaldOMG channel has over 1 million – their Sis vs Bro channel has over 4 million fans!

SIS vs BRO | YouTube

What is their connection to FreddyGoesBoom?

FreddyGoesBoom is Karina and Ronald's dad!He joined YouTube in 2016 and posts videos of him playing video games and he has over 334,000 subscribers! 

freddygoesboom | YouTube

What are Karina and Ronald's videos like?

In addition to funny challenges videos, there are lots of vlogs and gaming advice, as well as a look at their daily routinesPlus, there's the time they got every Oreo cookie they could find and made a massive milkshake!


What's their greatest video, then?

Well, there are loads to choose from, but seeing as we're obsessed with slime, we love the video when they decided to find out what happens when you put 100 bags of glitter in giant clear slime!The results are AMAZING