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Everything You Need to Know About the Zoom Challenge!

It's taken the Internet by storm but what is the zoom challenge, and how do you do it safely? Find out!

So there’s this new trend of people sliding off camera in videos that’s taken the internet by storm but what is it and where did it come from? Fear not, we’re here to explain! 

So it’s called the zoom challenge and it started from a simple video trick posted by a family on video. It involved filming someone pushing themselves with their legs then reversing it so it looks like you’re sliding smoothly off camera! It looked awesome and quickly went viral. 

Enter a Lil Yachty track with the word ‘zoom’ in it and the challenge became a phenomenon. 

There’s loads of funny ones, especially involving pets. 

But the original trick is pretty clever and we explain the hack of how to do it in this video! 

The basic zoom challenge

Even rubber chickens like it!

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