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Everything You Need to Know about Tiana in 1 Min!

Find out everything you need know about the Toys And Me YouTuber here!

1. You probably already know Tiana from her channel ToysAndMe!

2. Her full name is Tiana Wilson and she’s 10-years-old.

3. Her birthday is on 24th December – so she was born on Christmas Eve!

4. She’s from Nottingham in England and her fave food is floppy pizza!

5. She has been making videos since she was 7!

6. She has 2 channels, her most famous one is called Toys AndMe.

7. It’s mostly her unboxing and reviewing new toys

8. She has over 9m subscribers on this! WOW!

9. The other channel is just called Tiana and she has over 2m on this one.

10. Her Dad helps with managing her channels.

11. Her brother Jordan is also in some of her videos and her family even have their own channel called Famtastic.

12. They sound like a pretty cool fam!