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Everything You Need to Know about Wengie and the ReactiCorns

Who they are, what they do and why you'll love them - Here's everything you need to know!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

So first things first - what's a ReactiCorn?

ReactiCorns is the name for the joint YouTube channel belonging to Australian YouTuber's Wengie and Max! Max started the channel in 2016.

ReactiCorns | YouTube

Wengie sounds familiar - does she have another account?

Yes! Wengie is a YouTuber, vlogger and singer! She has her own channel just called Wengie!

Wendie Ft. Wengie | YouTube

Cool - so what kind of stuff do they do on their channel?

Their channel is anything reaction related! They wear Unicorn onesies and react to things online. Reactions + Unicorns = ReactiCorns! Get it?!

ReactiCorns | YouTube

How many followers do they have?

The channel currently has 1,990,032 subscribers and Wengie's channel has 12,744,790 subscribers! Woah! 

ReactiCorns | YouTube

What's their most watched video?

The most watched video on their channel is 'Hidden Messages In Famous Logos!!' with over 5 million views!

ReactiCorns | YouTube

Are they in a relationship?

Yes, Wengie and Max are actually engaged! CUTE! Max proposed to Wengie in Yosemite National Park whilst they were on a road trip in August 2015! 

@wengie | Instagram

Cute! How did they meet?

They met at college. Max first noticed Wengie when she auditioned for a dance class and he was a judge!

@wengie | Instagram

Do they have any pets?

YES! They have 3 very cute cats! We are JEALOUS!

@reacticorns | Instagram

What's a cool fact about them we should know?

There's loads of cool stuff about the ReactiCorns because they're awesome! But a majorly cool fact is that Wengie is the voice for the fourth power puff girl, Bliss! Now that's awesome!

ReactiCorns | YouTube

Why does Beano love them so much?

Beano loves the ReactiCorns because in one of their latest videos, Wengie and Max took our very own Wengie quiz! It was so awesome! You can take the quiz yourself HERE!

ReactiCorns | YouTube