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Everything You Need To Know To Make Videos!

Fancy making a video? Check this guide for all the tips and tricks you need - and some you don't!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. Don't worry about the tech

First things first - you don't need a fancy camera or loads of expensive equipment to make a good video. If you have a good idea you can literally film it on a potato and it'll be great. Well, not literally a potato...but your uncle's best mate's 10 year-old camera phone will do just fine. Remember, the idea is the most important bit! So....

2. Come up with a good idea

This is the fun bit. Do you want to make a funny 10-second clip? A short film? A music video? A nature documentary about your dog?Think of the videos that YOU like to watch. How long are they? Do they have a storyline? Have a think and make a list of a few different ideas, and then pick your favourite. Remember - it can be anything at all!

3. Plan it!

Some people call this a storyboard - but it's basically just a plan for what's going to happen in your video. It's a good idea to add drawings, and make a note of what you'll need at each step. If your video has a story, it helps to think of a beginning, middle and end (how about a plot twist?).Of course, your video doesn't have to have a story. It could just be you throwing jelly at a wall. But you still need to choose a good wall, and make sure you have enough jelly. Preparation is EVERYTHING.

4. Get everything ready

Next up - let's check everything off your list. If you have other people in your film - do they know what to do? Do you need any costumes or props? If it's a dance video - have you practised a bit? Has your camera got some battery in it?Ok! Annnd...ACTION!

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5. Have fun!

Have you ever enjoyed a video of someone sitting around looking bored? Nope. Whatever you video is about, make sure you have fun making it!

6. CUT!

Your video might not be perfect first time. So have another go! And another go if you need to. And another - it's all practise.

7. Stick some effects on?

There are lots of really easy ways to put effects on videos. Tik Tok has loads of options, but there are other ways too. If you don't know how to do this, ask a pal or look on Youtube. Effects can really add to your video, but you might not want them on everything. For example they work great on music videos or dances, but a lot less well on nature documentaries. So use with caution! 

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8. Add some sound effects!

You can add these after (in something like Tik Tok, for example) - or you can record them live when you film it (more fun). All videos are improved with some squelches, explosions, or well-timed fart sounds! Prove us wrong!

9. Ignore all this advice!

Now, these are some helpful tips. We know - because we wrote them. But the golden rule is just do what you want! It's not an exam, and nobody's paying you to make these videos (yet!) - So as long as you have fun, the video will be fun to watch. 

10. Keep making videos!

Every time you make a video, you'll learn something new. Like how your dog is really bad at acting, or how to set lights up to make a Halloween video extra spooky. So whatever kind of video you like making, make a sequel!Throwing Jelly Against A Wall 3: Return of The Jelly? Anyone?

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