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Everything You Need To Write Songs!

Fancy writing a song? Check this guide for all the tips and tricks you need to create your very own tune!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. There's no 'right' way to begin writing a song!

Okay, so the fact is, there’s no set rules for how to begin writing a song. Some people like to write lyrics first and then the melody, some start with a title, some start by picking out chords and adding the words and melody later - it's up to you! The main thing is patience and persistence.  As a beginner, you don’t even need to be able to play the guitar or keyboard - just your own voice is enough to create a simple melody. Remember it’s supposed to be fun! 


2. Try coming up with a title!

What do you want to write a song about? This is where you can let your imagination run wild!  What do you love the most?  What inspires you? Your title should reflect the songs message. For example you might want to write a song called 'I Love The Beano!'


3. Choose a structure for your song

There are lots of different ways to structure a song and there are no strict rules, but most modern songs follow a pattern of  Verse/ Chorus / Verse / Chorus. You can stick an intro or a bridge or an ending in there, but lets keep it simple for now! 


5. Write your chorus

Your chorus will be repeated at least twice in your song, so you need to find something catchy to say a lot. For example, if your song is 'Giant Sharks and The Beano' your chorus could be:CHORUSWho loves the Beano? I love The Beano! Who loves The Beano? We all love The Beano! Everyone dreams of The Beano, Beano, Beano, Beano (and giant sharks)


6. Write your verses

Now, you need to chose something different to say for your two verses and ideally create a rhyme. So, to give another example, your verses could be: VERSE ONE I love the awesome quizzes I love the funny jokes I love the silly characters But I love Dennis the most!VERSE TWOThe Beano is fab And so are giant sharks Especially dogfish sharks Who replace their teeth several times throughout their lifespan(That last bit didn't rhyme but not everything has to. We just really really like sharks. Did you know that Goblin sharks are bright pink? Fantastic.)


7. Find the melody....

There are lots of ways to create a melody, but for now, just try saying your verses, chorus and bridge over and over again, out loud. Exaggerate all the words, make your voice go higher and lower, and put loads of emotion into it!  Eventually you should start to sense a natural rhythm and tune to your song.   Remember:a. The verses should have the same melody but different words. b. The chorus should have the same melody and the same words.


8. Record your song

Even if you don't have an instrument, just sing your whole song into the voice recorder on a phone or computer. Practice a few times until you feel you've got it right.  If you do play an instrument you can do use this also.  Pluck out the tune that gives you the right feel...The most important thing is to really put your emotion into it!


9. Practice, practice, practice!

Now that you have your basic song, make sure you practice is loads until you are happy with it.  If you have an instrument, or know someone who does, you can now begin to add chords and beats to your basic melody. Feel the rhythm! (side note - an easy way to remember the spelling is 'Rhythm  Has Your Two Hips Moving')And remember - these are just some helpful (debatable) tips, but there really isn't just one way to write a song! The most important thing is to have fun and experiment. Happy songwriting, and remember that sharks are our friends!