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Ultimate EXO Trivia Quiz!

EXO have been around a long time but their style is just as fresh as it always has been - but how well do you know them?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 8th 2023

EXO are stars of the K-Pop scene with a huge following, but do you count yourself among them? Are you an EXO superfan or just a casual listener, because only true fans will be able to get 100% on this K-Pop quiz! Let’s see if you’re up to it!.


How many members of EXO are there?


What genre of music does EXO make?


How many members did the band start with?


When was their first headline tour?


What piece of clothing does Sehun collect?


What languages does EXO 'not' sing in?


What does Suho study at university?


Which major sporting event did they perform at?


What food is Xiumin nicknamed after?


What was the name of their first album?

Uh oh! Probably not the best result you’ve gotten on one of these quizzes, but that’s okay! EXO didn’t start by releasing brilliant music, they had to work up to it! So why not take a deep breath, check out some of their tracks again and see if you can score better?

Nice! You clearly know your stuff! EXO would be proud that their sound has had such an impact on you! Xiumin particularly, you’ve got the skills that would make them jump for joy! Great work, but do you think you could score even better another time around? Why not give it a try?!

Epic! You’ve nearly scored 100% on this quiz, nearly, but not quite! But don’t mess up your tempo now, there’s still time to get into the top leagues of EXO quiz glory! Why not have another go and see if you can become an all time legend?

Incredible! The crowd stands stunned and in disbelief - they can’t quite believe what they've just seen, 100% on an EXO quiz? Amazing work, give yourself a big old pat on the back and let’s try another, you’re on a streak now, how long can you keep it up?