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The Ultimate Extreme Cake Makers Quiz

Take our quiz to find out how good you'd be on the show Extreme Cake Makers. We'd like you to imagine you've been commissioned by the Beano to make a cake that looks like your favourite celebrity. The more questions you get right on this quiz the more realistic the cake. Are you the icing on the cake or are you a total caketastrophe?

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

In The Ultimate Cake Makers, Rufus Hound investigates the extremely cakey world of extreme cake makers, where sugar craft specialists conjure up crazy ways to make the world's most Extreme Cakes. How much do you know about this show (and how good are you at spotting amazingly realistic looking cakes)?


What exactly is the Extreme Cake Makers?


2/12 Who is the presenter and narrator of Extreme Cake Makers


Which one of these people is in Extreme Cake Makers?


Extreme Cake or roast turkey?


Extreme Make-up or Extreme Cake-up?


Extreme Cake or Roast Turkey


Plasticine or Extreme Cake?


Extreme Cake or Roast Turkey?


Plasticine or extreme cake?


Human cake or Mannikin cake


Which one of these people is in Extreme Cake Makers?


Waxwork horse or Extreme cake horse

CAKETASTROPHE! Oh no! You bottom is soggy and your crumb is dense. That cake doesn't look anything like who it's supposed to be. Unless you were trying to make a jabba the hut cake!

Not bad. Your cake is delicious but I'm afraid it doesn't look much like your chosen celebrity. Actually, they are quite offended.

Extreme Cake Maker WIN. You're the icing on the cake. You're the cherry on top. WHAT AN EXTREMELY REALISTIC CAKE!

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