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How Well Do You Know Fae Farm?

It's the newest, cosiest, most magical farming sim - but can you get a perfect ten on Fae Farm trivia? Welcome to the quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 13th 2023

Are you addicted to Fae Farm? It's like cottagecore as a game, and it's a huge hit! This trivia quiz will test your knowledge of the farm simulator game of the year, and see if you've earned your place on the island! See if you can get the top score - or will you be totally shipwrecked? Don't forget to try some of our other gaming quizzes too - try our Disney Illusion Island trivia quiz, or see how well you know Roblox: Total Drama Island!


What is Fae Farm a simulator for?


What's the name of the world in the game?


The game is only available on Nintendo Switch - true or false?


How many players can join a game?


Why is your character on the island?


How can your character die?


How can you raise your attributes in the game?


How do you avoid combat in the game?

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs

Which activity can you NOT do in Fae Farm?


What is the first DLC called?

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs

Good attempt, at least! Don't worry, you can have another go and cultivate an amazing score!

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs

Not bad - you've definitely played Fae Farm! Well done! We bet you can get a higher score, though - why not try again and see?

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs

Great! You know a lot about the game, and we bet your farmstead is just lovely, too! Well done!

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs

Absolutely perfect! If you're as good at Fae Farm as you are at quizzes, you must have the best farm in Azoria! Well done!