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Which Silent Hope Character Are You?

Wanderer? Warrior? Farmer? Look into the abyss and find out which character from this fantastical Nintendo RPG is most like you! Click here to try the quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 29th 2024

There are a lot of playable characters to choose from in the this amazing fantasy RPG from Nintendo. But which character is most like you? The Wanderer? The Archer? The Farmer? Somebody else? Answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you!

Right, quit hanging out at base camp - let's get in that quiz abyss!

Silent Hope | XSEED | Nintendo

You are... what?

2/10 A pug dressed as a lion

Pick an animal:

3/10 Someone playing guitar

What music would you stick on to get ready for battle?

4/10 A sword

Pick a weapon:

5/10 A grey wizard

If you were a character from Lord of the Rings, who would you be?

Silent Hope | XSEED | Nintendo

You are:

7/10 A trowel

When you're not fighting, what do you like doing?

8/10 A pigeon doing stand-up comedy

Choose an unusual pet:

9/10 Some white and pink marshmallows

Pick a colour:

10/10 A chicken in a bottomless pit

You hear a noise coming from the Abyss. What do you do?

Silent Hope | XSEED | Nintendo

You're the Wanderer!

You're a versatile fighter, skilled with all the weapons in the game! You're pretty good at most styles of fighting, and prefer it that way to just mastering one style. When you're not in battle, you're crafting tools at base camp! Not who you want to be? Have another go and try another character!

Silent Hope | XSEED | Nintendo

You're the Warrior!

You prefer fighting with huge, double-handed weapons! You might not be the fastest mover, but you're a specialist at smashing up anything in your path! Not the character for you? No worries - just have another go at this quiz!

Silent Hope | XSEED | Nintendo

You're the Archer!

You're a fast-moving and quick-shooting master of bow and arrow. You're great at dodgy enemy attacks, and at pinging arrows at them from a distance! You're also a huge animal lover and when you're not in battle you're looking after the livestock back at base camp. Rather be someone else? Have another go!

Silent Hope | XSEED | Nintendo

You're the Farmer!

She may look cute - but the Farmer's skills make her a mean fighter! The Farmer uses her connection to nature to help her out when she's in trouble, oh - and she has a huge pitchfork as a weapon! When she's not fighting she's growing lots of vegetables - which makes her a very popular person at base camp!