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Which Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Character Are You?

Find out which Mario Strikers: Battle League Football character you are most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 22nd 2022

What’s that? You’d like to read an introduction to this Nintendo Switch Quiz all about Mario Strikers: Battle League Football featuring Nintendo Legends like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser and Donkey Kong? We’re afraid we don’t have time to tell you what an epic game it is, because we’re too busy playing it ourselves! Why don’t you just get on with our Mario Strikers Quiz and find out which Battle League Football Character you are most like!


What’s your gamer style?


Which positive word best describes your personality?


Uh oh! Which negative word best describes your personality. Be honest!

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Who is your favourite Lioness?

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Who’s your favourite Lion?

6/10 A woman eating a massive bar of chocolate

Pick your top chocolate bar! This is an important one!


What position do you play?

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8/10 What is your favourite colour?

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9/10 What’s your favourite snack?


10/10 What’s your top football move!

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Donkey Kong

You’re Donkey Kong! With your tough tackling and super slick passing you dominate the football pitch just like Donkey Kong. You’re a bit like England midfielder Jill Scott, refusing to take prisoners on the park and you can set up a goal in a twinkling of an eye, just like Liverpool Captain, Jordan Henderson.


You’re Bowser! What a shot! You’ve got the most powerful kick in the playground, Just like Bowser. You’re a real Harry Kane, breaking the net at least three times a game and you’ve probably scored as many goal as England legend, Ellen White!


You’re Mario! An all round superstar who excels at everything football. You’re like England fullbacks Trent Alexander Arnold and Lucy Bronze rolled into one awesome mega-baller! There’s no football team that wouldn’t want you on their side!


You’re like Peach. The supporters spend all day swooning at your awesome skills. You’re like Fran Kirby: just a nutmeg away from glory!