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Fantastic Jurassic World Lego Quiz!

How do you improve on dinosaurs? Make them out of Lego of course! But how much do you know about this great game?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 5th 2023

Lego makes what might be the best games in the world! The Lego Jurassic Park is no exception, it’s just as exciting as the films but way funnier - what could be better than that? Great! But how well do you know this game? Are you as slow as a Brontosaurus or as fast as a Velociraptor? Let’s find out!


Where is Lego from?


What killed off the dinosaurs?


How many Jurassic Park films are in the game?


What dinosaur with tiny arms chases you in the game?


What does a palaeontologist study?


What is Ellie Sattler’s ability?


How many playable characters are there?


Where can you create dinosaurs?


Can you play as dinosaurs?


Which famous dinosaur had three big horns on its head?

Result: Oh dear

Uh oh! Ok, perhaps this isn’t the best score of your life but don’t worry, you’ve got to start somewhere! At least with dinosaurs you’ve got a few million years to improve your score before next time! So why not take a little break, wait to be turned into a Lego fossil and come back in 20 million years?

Result: Not bad

Nice! Now we’re getting somewhere, you clearly know your way around a block of Lego - even digital ones! Epic, we still think that you could probably do better, so why not have another go and see if you can get a higher score!? You can do it!

Result: Good score

Awesome! You’re really getting there, with scores like these there might still be hope for the old dream of dinosaurs coming back to life! With a score like this it would just take a little bit more of a push to get 100% so why not give it a go! Onwards!

Result: Full marks

Incredible! You’ve done it! You’ve scored 100% of this legendary Lego quiz! We’re very impressed, you’ve probably got all the achievements in the game too! Nice work - why not check out some of our other dinosaur facts and quizzes and see if you can beat them too!? Well done!