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The Ultimate Animal Crossing: New Horizons Quiz

How much do you know about the latest Animal Crossing game? Take this wild and crafty gaming quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021
1/12 A pug looks at her phone

Which of these gadgets can you get in the game?

2/12 A deep sea squid

What's the only way to collect deep sea creatures?

3/12 An ANimal Crossing player looks at her NookPhone
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Which one of these is NOT a way to earn Nook miles?

4/12 A chicken laughs at a brightly-coloured sofa

Where can you customise your furniture?

@nokairlines | instagram

Is this airline from Animal Crossing or the real world?

6/12 The Museum in Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

The Museum is new to New Horizons. True or false?

7/12 A wooly mammoth looks confused

Which of these extinct animals is in New Horizons?

8/12 A fisherman catches an annoyed fish

How many sticks does it take to make a fishing pole?

9/12 Lots of fish
@pbsnature | giphy

How many fish are there in the sea?

10/12 An Animal Crossing player looks at the Northern lights
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

In New Horizons, what can you choose about your island?

11/12 Timmy and Tommy
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Is it Tommy or Tommy who stands outside the resident services tent with a flag?

12/12 A girl with a broken spade

Which of these tools break in New Horizons?

Animal Crossing | Nintendo

OOOF! Tom Nook does not look pleased! Never mind - try a different quiz?

Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Pretty good! Tom Nook has seen better though. Try again?

Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Nice! A decent score! But the question is...can you beat it on a different quiz? Sure you can!

Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Wahoo! You're a New Horizons expert! Great work! Beau is really very pleased!