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Can You Guess These Famous Actors? Quiz

We've covered up the faces of these famous actors with some silly things - but can you tell who they are? Test your self with this celeb spotting quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 29th 2021

You may love films and TV, and you've probably got a few favourite actors - but how well do you REALLY know them? We've obscured the faces of 20 celebs - now it's your turn to identify them! Good luck! If you enjoyed this quiz you can always check out our other Quizzes. We've also got a whole bunch of YouTuber Quizzes here, or try these fun Celebrity Quizzes here!

1/20 A mystery actor

Which actor's face have we covered up here?

2/20 A mystery actor

Who's this egghead superhero?

3/20 A mystery actor

Which British actress has got a pineapple on her head?

4/20 Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain | Instagram

This is Jessica Chastain. But which other actor does she get mixed up with?

5/20 A mystery actor

Which actor just finished a crossword?

6/20 A mystery actor

Which actor/singer is this?

7/20 A mystery actor

Which actors eyes are these?

8/20 A mystery actor

Which Marvel man is this?

9/20 A mystery actor

Who's this?

10/20 A mystery actor

Which Marvel actor is a big cat fan?

11/20 A mystery actor

Who's chilling here?

12/20 A mystery actor

Which half of an acting super couple is this?

13/20 A mystery actor

Who's made a bit of a splat?

14/20 A mystery actor

Who's got a smiley face here?

15/20 A mystery actor

Who's this impressive looking actor and Disney demi-god?

16/20 A mystery actor

Which Stranger Things character does this actor play?

17/20 A mystery actor

Which Toy Story actor is this?

18/20 A mystery actor

Who is this Tik Tokker turned actor?

19/20 A mystery actor

Who is hidden behind this emoji?

20/20 A mystery actor

Finally - who's this close up face?

Amazing Result

Wow! You can identify any actor ever!

Well done result

Well done! You know your actors, even if they have pineapples on their faces!

Try again result

Not bad, but you could do better! Hone your actor spotting skills and try again!

Oh no result

Oh no! Looks like you need to try harder if you want to identify these actors! Have another go!