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Guess Who Lives At These Famous Addresses Quiz!

Can you solve these tricky satellite picture puzzles?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 1
Google Maps

Which big religious leader lives in this giganic palace?

2/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 2
Google Maps

And who lives here? Hint - she likes wearing a very expensive hat!

3/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 3
Famous Addresses Google Maps

And who lives in this LITERAL CASTLE?

4/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 4
Google Maps

It's not much to look at these days, but a very famous writer was born here about 450 years ago. He mostly wrote plays, but some of his poems are pretty good too. Any guesses?

5/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 5
Google Maps

A famously angry old man used to live here until quite recently. Now a less angry, but even older man lives here. Where is it?

6/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 6
Google Maps

Oh, it's another castle - this time in Balmoral, Scotland. But who lives here? It can't be the Queen AGAIN, can it?

7/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 7
Google Maps

Where's this famous address? Nobody lives here at the moment, by the way!

8/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 8
Google Maps

Look at this normal London street. Who might live at Number 10?

9/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 9
Google Maps

This secret city inside a city was home to a whole load of Emperors for about 500 years. But whose Emperors?

10/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 10
Google Maps

This is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and a very expensive hotel. Where is it?

11/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 11
Google Maps

Not many people live in this isolated place. It's about 2500 miles south of New Zealand, and temperatures get to as low as -60 degrees in winter! Where is it?

12/12 Famous Addresses Google Map 12
Google Maps

This SPOOKY old building is another religious place, in Salem USA - a city famous for witches and black magic. Any idea what's in this building?


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