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Try Your Luck With Our Wordle Geography Quiz!

Are you a geography whizz? Test your science (and spelling) skills with this globe-spinning geography wordle quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 16th 2024

Like geography? Obviously. Like using words to talk about geography? Of course (how else would you? Hand gestures?)! Then this is the quiz for you! Use your big geographer brain to work out what the answers to these tricky wordle style puzzles might be!

Good luck!

1/10 Wordle grid with the word BOW to start you off

Straight in with a hard one! It's a type of lake... sounds a bit like a type of cow...

2/10 Wordle grid with the word GOON to start you off

It's another body of water! It's a... what?

3/10 Wordle grid with the letters V and O to start you off

Kepe your distance from one of these!

4/10 Wordle grid with the letters TE to start you off

Tectonic... what?

5/10 Wordle grid with the word HA to start you off

Animals live in these. What is it?

6/10 Wordle grid with the letters GLE to start you off

This is a warm, wet place full of bugs. What is it?

7/10 Wordle grid with the letters L and I to start you off

This thing is important to protect. Any guesses?

8/10 Wordle grid with the word OK to start you off

Capital of Japan!

9/10 Wordle grid with the word SOO to start you off

It's another wet thing!

10/10 Wordle grid with the letters T and S to start you off

OK! The last one is a natural disaster! Tricky!

Result: Oh dear

Nooooooo! The geography goat is most displeased! This isn't your best score - but don't worry, it was a pretty hard quiz. Do you fancy having another go? We're sure you'd get a higher score next time round! Better luck next time!

Result: Pretty work

Nice work! This is decent score! You really know a thing or two about geography - and the words that geographers like to use! Well done! You didn't get a high score, but never mind. You can have another go - or try a different quiz! We have lots more!

Result: Great work

Wow! Nicely done! This is a great score! You know loads about geography! And words, too! You almost got 100%, but just missed out on one or two right answers. Know which ones? Let's see if you can beat this score on a different geography quiz!

Result: High score

Fantastic! Well done! This is the perfect score - 10/10! Amazing! You know loads about geography and words! Wahooo! You can't beat this score, but you might be able to match it on a different geography quiz. We have lots more!