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Take This Wordle Flag Quiz For A Whirl!

It's like Wordle... but with no words! Can you guess the flags in this worldly Wordle style challenge?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2024

Wordle is the game where you try to guess the word from the super hard clues. We've taken Wordle and made a quiz with flags, instead! So if your geography is better than your spellig you're in the right place! All you have to do is guess the country's flag from this tricky blocked out Wordle grids! And don't worry - once you've answered you'll get to see the original!

And watch out - it's harder than you might think!


Hmmmm. What could this mystery flag be?


There's red, there's yellow. What could the flag possibly be?


It's a big flag, for a big country. But which one?


Oh say can you see this clue?


Oooh yellow and blue, eh?


What flag could this be?




Who could this be?


Tricky one!


Last one! Choose wisely!

Bah! Unlucky! Do you know where you went wrong? Maybe the original Wordle would be better for you? Better luck next time! Have another go, or try a different Wordle or geography quiz! We have loads of each!

Pretty good! This is not a bad score at all, you really know your flags! You didn't get 100%, but never mind! You can have another go and see if you can score a little higher, or just try one of our other flag quizzes! We have loads more!

Wowee! This is a great score! You really know your stuff! This flag quiz was really hard - especially towards the end! But you did it - so well done! You didn't quite get 10/10 but never mind. Can you beat this score on a different flag quiz?

Amazing! The perfect score! Unbelievable! You really know your flags! A perfect 10! You can't beat this score - but you might be able to match it on a different flag or geography quiz. Ready to give it a go? We have plenty more where this one came from!