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Are You a Men's Football Wordle Genius?

Are you a fan of football and Wordle? Then you're going to love this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 11th 2022

There's lots of football quizzes on but here's one with a difference. If you love Wordle-style puzzles and the thrills and spills of men's professional football, then this quiz is yours for the taking. Reckon you can identify these footie stars even when they've been disguised? We've given you a clue for each player, so you've got every chance of being a football puzzle champ!

Once you've completed this quiz, why not have a go at our Ultimate Women's Football Quiz, find out which Lioness you are or feed your brain with some interesting football facts!

1/10 Football Wordle question 1

Can you identify this star midfielder?

2/10 Football Wordle 1

What about this Beano-approved legend?

3/10 Football Wordle 3

What about this England star?

4/10 Football Wordle 4

This Argentinian striker score goals for fun!

5/10 Football Wordle 5

Can you name this London player?

6/10 Football Wordle 6

We don't talk about this player... unless you're in the Toon Army!

7/10 Football Wordle 7

What about this player?

8/10 Football Wordle 8

Can you name this England star?

9/10 Football Wordle 9

Every team wishes this player was on their side!

10/10 Football Wordle 10

Can you name this striker for one final point?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! What happened there? Were you too in awe of Kevin De Bruyne's skill to focus properly? We think you could do better and you should really have another go. You've got this!

Result: Good

Good stuff! Some of these questions were trickier than they first appeared, weren't they? But that's football-based word games for you! Not the result you wanted? Have another go! Bukayo Saka reckons you can do it!

Result: Great

Great work! You know loads about football and Wordle, don't you? Reckon you could get a perfect score if you had one more go? Go on, then. Harry Kane believes in you!

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a genius when it comes to Wordle-based games featuring stars from men's football! Are you a Premier League manager? You should be with an eye for detail like this!