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Guess the Celebrity Mustaches in this Game

Can you match the facial fuzz to the famous fella? Take this mustache-daft quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What's that on your top lip? Is it...a celebrity mustache game?


Which old English duffer has this on their lip? Hint - he was in Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and lots of other old comedies.

Wikipedia Commons

Who owned this smart 'tache? Hint - he's American, and he had a dream. Quite a famous one, too!


Who's owns this stubbly grey number? Hint - it's attached to a beard, and some wispy head hair too!


This is a slightly rubbish moustache, but it just about counts. Who's is it?

Wikipedia Commons

This powerful moustache is on the face of a very clever scientist. But who?

@britbox | Giphy

Who's this moustachioed TV detective? Ask your gran if you're stuck!


Who's this smiley moustache-bearer? Hint - he's another pop star!


Here's a tricky one. Which famous painter had this magnificent moustache?


Another pretty weedy moustache. You just can't get them these days!But who's is it?

@Queen | giphy

And finally - is this the King (or is it Queen?) of all moustache owners?Who could it possibly be?

Uh oh. Galaxy tache SAD. Try another quiz?

Nice work! Your moustache identification powers are... pretty good!

Nice! Nothing gets past you! Well, not much does, anyway. 

Woah! All hail the master of moustaches!