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Will You Get 100% on This Famous Scottish Women Quiz?

Scotland has produced some amazing women! How much do you know about the queens, actors, scientists and nurses who've made Scotland famous? It's time to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 13th 2022

How much do you know about the awesome women who put Scotland in the history books? It's time to find out! Answer some questions and we'll tell you if you're an expert!

1/10 Famous pop star
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) | Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart | RCA | Chris Ashbrook

Which Scottish singer from Aberdeen was in the famous 80s band Eurythmics?

2/10 Still from Doctor Who
Doctor Who | BBC Studios | BBC

Who is Karen Gillan famous for playing?

3/10 Tudor woman and splat

Mary Queen of Scots is a famous Scottish woman - but what was her mum called?

4/10 Female scientist and splat

What is Elsie Inglis famous for?

5/10 Queen with Beano crown

Everyone knows who Lady Macbeth is, but what was her name in real life?

6/10 Hands on typewriter with splats

Which of these Scottish female writers is famous for her crime novels?

7/10 Scottish parliament with arrow

Who is the First Minister for Scotland?

8/10 Scottish highlands with question marks

What did Flora McDonald do?

9/10 Nurse on saltire background

Which of these famous nurses was of Scottish descent?

10/10 Medieval queen knighting someone with arrow

Matilda of Scotland became queen of which country?

Lowest Result

Uh oh, you don't seem to know much about Scottish women at all! Never mind, hopefully you learned something cool and can go and do the quiz again now!

Try Again Result
Doctor Who | BBC Studios | BBC

You got a couple of questions right, but you'll need to know way more than that about famous Scottish women to get full marks! Have another go!

Well Done Result

Well done! You know lots about Scottish women and their achievements! But can you get full marks next time? We bet you can!

Highest Result
Brave | Disney Pixar | Walt Disney Studios | Katherine Sarafian | Mark Andrews Brenda Chapman

Well done! You know loads about Scottish women and their awesome contributions to the world! Have some shortbread to celebrate!