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Can You Guess These Famous World Landmarks? Quiz

Can you guess these famous world landmarks? Take a trip around the world with our world landmarks picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

This statue, known as Lady Liberty or the Statue of Liberty, is struck by lightning over 600 times a year! Where is it?


This bridge crosses the River Thames. What's it called?


Mount Fuji is an ACTIVE volcano! What major city is built in its shadow?


This tower is the most visited monument in the world! What city is it in?


This structure took 1500 years to build! Where is it?


This opera house has over a million roof tiles! What city is it in?


This crazy cathedral was designed by "God's Architect" Antoni Gaudi. Where is it?


What South American city does this french-made, gigantic statue overlook?


Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world! Where is it?


Where is this massive wall?

Oh dear! You need to get your atlas out and start exploring!

Not bad. Either you've been on a lot of holidays or you've been doing your geography homework. Well done!

WINNER! You're a landmark expert! Have you thought about writing a travel blog. First stop: Beanotown!