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The Ultimate Farjana Drawing Academy Quiz

Pencils at the ready! How much do you know about this mysterious Youtube art teacher? Take this art-tastic quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

What does Farjana usually use to draw her pictures?


Where is Farjana from?

@farjanadrawingacademy | Youtube

Why does Farjana draw lines like these whenever she draws a face?


What does Farjana usually draw?

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

What's Farjana drawing here?

@Farjana's Craft | Youtube

Farjana also has an arts and crafts channel (called Farjana's Craft). What are these lavender flowers made of?

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

Farjana is *probably* a fan of which of these bands? Just a guess - we don't really know!

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

Who's Farjana drawing here? Hint - he helped get India's independence from the British!

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

How many subscribers has Farjana got on Youtube?

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

Which of these things does Farjana NOT draw on her channel?

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

After she's mapped out the drawing, what part of the face does Farjana usually draw first?

@Farjana Drawing Academy | Youtube

What is Farjana using for this picture?

Oh dear. Not a fan of Farjana? Oh well - your loss. Or you could have another go?

Pretty good! You could do better though - have another go?

Nicely done! This talking pencil sharpener is pretty impressed! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Wahoo! Farjana is very impressed - and so is this talking pencil sharpener! Great job!