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Fart Fighting – Part 2: Will Ky Hold on to the Top Spot or Will Dan Defeat Him?

Ky and Dan go head to head (or fart to fart!) in Fart Fighting - Part 2! With Ky ruling as champion from the first fart battle, will he be knocked off the top shop by Dan? Watch now to find out!

Farting is ALWAYS funny. Whether it’s your little brother after a plate of beans or your granny while she’s half asleep – farts just make you laugh! 

In this video we put Ky and Dan head to head to see who can make the best fart noises and be crowned fart fighting champion.

There are some squeaky farts, some absolute rippers and even some bum bazookas! 

Who do you think deserves to be crowned fart fighting champion? Dan or Ky? 

Check out the video and don’t forget to watch Fart Fighting Part 1 right here.