Favourite Brand: Beano Power Awards

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While we've been stuck at home, Amazon have kept the deliveries coming meaning we can keep getting stuff even though we can't always leave the house! Is that enough to win a Beano Power Award?


What would lockdown have been like if we didn't have YouTube?! We don't want to think! But thankfully, we've been able to rely on YouTube to keep serving up great stuff to watch. 


It's the app that's kept us chatting and after the year we've had, chatting is even more important than ever. Whether it's talking to mum or your mates, keeping communication going keeps us all happy. Is that enough for WhatsApp to win? You decide!


When you've been stuck at home for most of the year, there's nothing like a bit of Netflix to beat the boredom. And with Netflix, the shows just keep coming - which is good for us! But is it enough to bag a Beano Lower Award?


Where do you go when you want to learn a new dance routine? TikTok, of course! To be honest, these days, you're more likely to see your parents trying out TikTok themselves - cringe! 

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