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Quiz: Fed-up With Footie Transfer Deadline Day? Find Out Who Your Team Should Have Signed!

Didn't get the player you wanted? Just take this not-very-scientific quiz to discover what kind of footie star your team should have bought

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 2nd 2018

Footie clubs recently splashed the cash on new players but was it worth spending a hundred million pounds on a bloke with a funny beard and too many tattoos? Maybe, but cares if they help you win the league, right?

But if you’re still not happy with who your team actually signed, let’s see what kind of player your club should really have bought!


What kind of result does your team usually get?


Footballers are all about image! What's your team's style?


Footie teams are famous for their pies (just ask Pieface). What kind of pie would your club sell?


Footie stars love gaming. What do you think your team play?


Footie stars also love going on holiday. Where do you think your team goes for a mid-season get-away?


Footie teams always play a song when they walk onto the pitch. What would your team's top tune be?


Who do you think your team should be owned by?


How many seats does your stadium have?


What's your favourite TV show?


If you didn't like footie, what would your favourite sport be?


Superstar striker

Your team has more money than sense but that won't stop them buying the best players out there.Want to spend 200 million on a moody Brazilian striker? Sure, why not? Just remember to keep the receipt.


Maverick midfielder

Some teams can be tough to crack so you need someone with silky skills in midfield.Β Plus, you've got the cash so you should be able to get someone decent.Β 

Strong defender

Your team concedes too many goals! How to help? Get a defender in to stop the other team scoring!How about one of those Barcelona players? They seem pretty good.



Your team is out of money and out of luck, but a new signing or two could change all that.Get yourself a goalkeeper and maybe things will start looking up?