FIFA 18: The Ultimate Quiz

How well do you know EA's football blockbuster? Take our Ultimate FIFA 18 Quiz and find out. We'll start off with an easy one…

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Which of these consoles is FIFA 18 NOT available on?


"I thought it was going to be realistic…" Who's complaining about their low FIFA 18 rating?

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star for FIFA 18. Who was the cover star for last year's FIFA 17?

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Who is the legendary cover star for the Icon Edition of FIFA 18?

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What is the name of the less realistic FIFA spin-off game, released between 2005 and 2012?

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What is the name of the game engine developed by EA DICE that powers FIFA 18?

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Which soft drink is Alex Hunter sponsored by?

Totally Random Question

Have you played games on before?

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Who is the voice of Alex Hunter?

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The actor who voices Alex Hunter appeared as the character Mr Brocks in which TV show?

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Where was Alex Hunter spotted playing as a young footballer?

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The first ever FIFA (originally called FIFA International Soccer) was released in which year?

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Which famous footballer was the cover star from FIFA 13 to FIFA 16?

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Who is the fastest player in FIFA 18?

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Which famous England striker was the cover star of the very first FIFA game, FIFA International Soccer?

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Ex-Everton midfielder Tim Cahill appears on the FIFA cover in what country?

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