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FIFA 18: The Ultimate Quiz

How well do you know EA's football blockbuster? Take our Ultimate FIFA 18 Quiz and find out. We'll start off with an easy one…

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 29th 2017
1/15 FIFA18 consoles
EA Sports

Which of these consoles is FIFA 18 NOT available on?


2/15 "I thought it was going to be realistic…" Who's complaining about their low FIFA 18 rating?

3/15 Fifa 17
EA Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star for FIFA 18. Who was the cover star for last year's FIFA 17?

4/15 Fifa 18 Icon Edition
EA Sports

Who is the legendary cover star for the Icon Edition of FIFA 18?

5/15 What game is this?
EA Sports

What is the name of the less realistic FIFA spin-off game, released between 2005 and 2012?

6/15 FIFA 18, powered by a VERY powerful engine
EA Sports

What is the name of the game engine developed by EA DICE that powers FIFA 18?

7/15 Alex Hunter and his mystery sponsor
EA Sports

Which soft drink is Alex Hunter sponsored by?

8/15 Alex Hunter and his mystery voice
EA Sports

Who is the voice of Alex Hunter?

9/15 Mr Brocks

The actor who voices Alex Hunter appeared as the character Mr Brocks in which TV show?

10/15 Alex Hunter as a wee lad
EA Sports

Where was Alex Hunter spotted playing as a young footballer?

11/15 FIFA International Soccer
EA Sports

The first ever FIFA (originally called FIFA International Soccer) was released in which year?

12/15 FIFA 15
EA Sports

Which famous footballer was the cover star from FIFA 13 to FIFA 16?

13/15 Someone whizzin' about the place in FIFA 18
EA Sports

Who is the fastest player in FIFA 18?

14/15 FIFA International Soccer
EA Sports

Which famous England striker was the cover star of the very first FIFA game, FIFA International Soccer?

15/15 Tim Cahill on the cover of FIFA 14
EA Sports

Ex-Everton midfielder Tim Cahill appears on the FIFA cover in what country?

Your mate's dad is rubbish!

You are your mate's dad who coaches the school team and shouts 'GET RID!!!!' at everyone until he turns bright red. Start again!

Robbie Savage wishes you'd done better!

You are Robbie Savage, the old ex-footballer with orange skin and lion hair! Try harder!

Harry Kane reckons you could do better next time!
EA Sports

You are Harry Kane - young and amazing in the Premiership but weirdly unable to score in August 2017. Try again!

Gareth Bale is pretty impressed!
EA Sports

You are Gareth Bale, ponytailed Welsh lightning bolt but just not quite the full Ronaldo. Nearly there!

Cristiano Ronaldo is blown away by your incredible performance!
EA Sports

You are Cristiano Ronaldo, ultimate FIFA 18 megastar and owner of 6,000,000 posh cars and diamond earrings! Go Ronnie!