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FIFA Career Mode Hacks

Do you love Career Mode and Ultimate Team on Fifa? If you do we've got a list of handy hints to help you be more Neymar than "No more".

We all love playing FIFA 19 and can’t seem to stop playing the addictive career mode.

However, if like us you sometimes run into problems such as: your club not having enough money to sign the player that you want, or a bunch of your players are getting annoyed because they aren’t playing enough, then we’ve got a list of handy hints to help you along.

We understand that playing Ultimate Team and Career mode are possibly the best features of FIFA 19 but rather than drive yourself crazy when things don’t go the way you want, check out this list and make the best start to you career mode.

Happy gaming guys and remember if the games getting you stressed, time to give it a rest!

1. Buy Young

Don’t spend big cash you don’t have. Buy young players cheaply and watch them turn into football superstars!

2. Choose a team with loads of fans

The game will be over if no one shows up to watch your match. Pick a team with a big fan base – think Real Madrid rather than Rotherham!

3. Send in the scouts

Let them do all the work finding you the next Neymar!

4. Know your rival

Get to know the other team’s strength and weaknesses before a match to get the upper hand…or should that be upper foot?

5. Keep your team happy

You don’t want to drop your star striker for a big match, but try to give everyone a bit of game time. You’ll find it a lot easier when everyone’s smiling.

6. Take some time out!

Every manager needs a holiday sometimes. So if you find the pressure too much, chill out and take a break! You can always sim matches and keep yourself fresh for the big games!

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