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The Ultimate Food and Mood Quiz!

Find out what sort of person you are from the food you eat in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 6th 2022

The Ultimate Food and Mood Quiz!

1/8 Bowl of cereal

Pick a breakfast

2/8 Cheese toastie

Pick a lunch

3/8 Fruit

Pick an afternoon snack

4/8 Salad

Pick a starter

5/8 Beefburger

Choose a main course

6/8 Ice cream

Ok, choose a dessert

7/8 Jelly beans

Pick a midnight feast

8/8 Orange juice

Pick a drink

Bouncing off the ceiling result

Bouncing off the ceiling

Woah, you're high as a kite on all that sugar! I'm surprised you could sit still long enough to do the quiz! Even this squirrel is surprised!

Cool as a cucumber result

Cool as a cucumber

You're healthy food choices mean you're laid back and float through life. Well done. This rabbit is proud of you. 

Slow and sluggish result

Slow and sluggish

Urgh, you're so full of carbs you can hardly move! This slug advises healthier options to feel more alert!

Wild result


Are you a person or a tiger? Judging by the amount of meat you eat, we'd say a tiger! You're ready to race but why not chill out and eat some carrots? Just a thought.