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Fortnite and the World of Football!

Fortnite crosses over with the world of football in so many ways and we've found them all for you!

Fortnite is still pretty much the biggest game ever but the football has also been distracting us lately! Luckily there are loads of ways the two things cross over.

You can now choose football kit skins based on every team from around the world and play as footballers who look a lot like real footballers. You can also visit the pitch landmark in Pleasant Park and have a kick-about with your mates, before fighting them of course! 

Alongside all of this loads of real life footballers including England squad stars Kieran Trippier, Dele Alli and Harry Kane all love playing the game live on Twitch, and Jesse Lingard often does the hype dance after he scores. So we hope we’ll be seeing more of that!