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The Ultimate Football Personality Quiz!

Will your love of football transform you into a World Cup icon or a star at your local park kickabout? This personality quiz will tell you which path your career might take!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 21st 2024

With determination, talent and a little bit of luck, only a handful of footballers truly scale the heights achieved by the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Salah. By taking this quiz, our football computer – it's a thing, trust us – will decide what career path your love of playing football will take you!

1/10 A close up of a footballer

What kind of team would you like to play for?

2/10 Football tactics board

What is your preferred playing position?

3/10 A footballer wearing protective shinpads

How do you handle pressure situations?

4/10 Lifting weights in the gym

How do you stay fit and motivated?

5/10 A football player thinking about the beautiful game

What is your preferred style of play?

6/10 A football player in black and white stripes

How do you handle setbacks or failures?

7/10 A football manager

How do you interact with teammates and coaches?

8/10 A no camera sign

How would you handle fame and media attention?

9/10 A pair of hands holding a sports trophy

How important is winning to you?

10/10 A footballer celebrating a goal

What is your ultimate football goal?

Kickabout Star

You are a: Kickabout Star!

You've only ever wanted to have a kickabout with your mates and see the game as something something fun to do rather than a career option. But it doesn't stop you from showing off your silky skills at the local park!

Non-league ledge

You are a: Non-League Ledge!

While you see football as a hobby, your team spirit and passion for the game means that you're a favourite on the touchline at your local club!

Professional icon

You are a: Professional Icon!

Your dedication and talent has ensured that the history books will remember you as a first-class footballer!

You are a: World Cup Icon!

Your determination and focus – not to mention amazing talent – has taken you on a career which sees you as the winning scorer in the World Cup final!