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Football Transfer Deadline Day: Who Should YOU Sign For?

You know where the Ox and some bloke from Watford are going - but which club should you sign for? Take our test and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 31st 2017

Which Team Should YOU sign for?

arsenal | Instagram

Footballers just love the sports! What's your favourite sports brand?

paulpogba | Instagram

All footballers need great hair - which haircut will you have for your new club?


All footballers love grime and rap music! Who's your favourite grimer or rapper?


Coca-Cola is an ultra-sugary soft drink that footballers love to guzzle before burning it off by running up and down the pitch over and over again. What's your favourite kind of coke?

littlemix | Instagram

Little Mix are just super awesome - Liverpool's The Ox is already kissing Perrie (swoon). Which one is your favourite?

britishbakeoff | Instagram

Who do you think is the best baker in Bake Off? Yes, it does matter!


7/7 Dragon, unicorn, pug or sloth? It's very important that we know.

Behold, the Blue Lions of Chelsea


You're signing for the Blues - you probably want to be best mates with Eden Hazard and Fábregas. Brush up on your Russian before you go, if you want to stay on the owner's good side.

Dios Mio! It's the Big Bull of Barcelona!


You're signing for the best team of all time. OF. ALL. TIME. Just make sure you know Spanish for "Can I get a selfie" before you arrive.

Everybody's favourite lil' devils - Man U

Man United!

Come on you Reds! Get ready for the shouty hairdryer treatment at half time - you're moving up to Madchester!

Well done, you Brewers!

Burton Albion

Laugh it or leave it - either way, Nigel Clough is an absolute ace AND there is a chance they'll be signing THE BOLT himself.