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The Ultimate Forest School Trivia Quiz!

How much do you know about nature's classroom and the muddy curriculum? Test your trivia now!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 20th 2021
1/12 A man thinking in a forest

In which country was the forest school idea created?

2/12 A pile of stones

At forest school, you may be asked to build a tower using stones. What is this called?

3/12 A student at forest school looking at a leaf

At forest school, you might collect dried leaves to use in art project. What is this ancient art style called?

4/12 A forest school student in the middle of a big log

By 2006, how many forest schools were in Britain?

5/12 A Swedish flag made out of dandelions

What do the Swedish call forest school?

6/12 A cool worm

What's the main purpose of a forest school?

7/12 A muddy hand in a clean kitchen

What is a mud kitchen?

8/12 A chimp in a tree

When you climb a tree at forest school, how many points of contact must you have with the branches and trunk?

9/12 An umbrella

If it drizzles during forest school, you can go into the classroom to finish your activities. True or false?

10/12 Fixing a car engine

You can learn the following things at forest school. Pick the odd one out!

11/12 A forest school student holds a sweet treat

You might make these at forest school – what are they called?

12/12 Flip flops on a sandy beach

What's the most appropriate footwear to have at forest school?

Oh no

Oh no! Have you even seen a tree? Have another go!

Good try! You did pretty well!

Great work

Great work! You're clearly unafraid of getting your hands muddy!


Wow! You're an expert on all things in the great outdoors! Well done.