Fortnite Chapter 2: New Hacks and Tips

We’re going to give you some of the best Fortnite Chapter 2 hacks and tips to help you level up, win and get that all too sweet Victory Royale.

Fortnite Chapter 2 saw a lot of changes and a lot new exciting stuff land in the game. While many of you will be seasoned pros from Chapter 1, you might be asking what’s new in Fortnite Chapter 2? Well luckily there are a lot of new handy little tricks to be learnt. We’re going to give you some of the best Fortnite Chapter 2 hacks and tips to help you level up, win and get that all too sweet Victory Royale. 

The Mythic Goldfish

A lot of players thought it was weird that Fortnite Chapter 2 included a fishing rod. But it’s there for good reason because there is a lot of loot in the water. Whilst you might drag up a good weapon, we actually do want to catch some fish. These fish are good for healing and you can carry them into battle for later. BUT that’s not the fish we’re after. We want to find the super rare Mythic Goldfish, which is extremely hard to find. But if you’re lucky enough to drag it out of the water it deals MASSIVE damage to players. It can even take out entire structures. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

Level Up With Mission Challenges

Gone are the Battle Stars. Fortnite Chapter 2 have combined XP and Battle Pass tiers, so you no longer have to level up two separate things. They also keep track of your progress with a shiny new progress bar at the bottom. There are a number of ways to increase XP and level up fast. The first of these being the mission challenges. Weekly challenges that can be anything from landing on bullseyes to destroying loot carriers from 100 metres away. Work your way through them and you’ll be rewarded with a heap of XP. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

XP Through Medal Punchcards

Medal Punchcards are new to Chapter 2. Similar to Mission Challenges, they’re daily challenges that grant you XP. These challenges change every day and are a lot quicker than the Mission Challenges, so it’s a really easy way to help you level up without all the usual annoying grind. There are three levels to every medal (bronze, silver, gold) and the better you do, the more XP you get to level up with. But you have to complete your punchcard to get it, so keep an eye on your progress. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

Take No Fall Damage. Thanks Haystacks

Not only new to Fortnite Chapter 2 and a great place to hide, should you need to escape from high up fast, haystacks are your best friend. You can jump onto a haystack from pretty much any height and take no damage at all! Not a scratch. Not only that, you’ll be tucked away and hidden from whoever might have caused you to jump in the first place. Also, it’s really fun. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games


This tip has been around for a while and is extremely useful if you don’t know it. 90s are an extremely effective way of building to get you high up fast. They’re called 90 because when done correctly you’ll get a boost and end up facing 90 degrees away from where you started. To do this you need to build two walls, stood up side by side at a, you guessed it, 90 degree angle. Once you have those, select the ramp, jump and quickly place it below you. If you’ve done it right, it’ll give you a boost. Keep repeating this and you’ll be up Mount Kay in no time. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

Slurpy Swamp Health

If you get into trouble in Slurpy Swamp, pretty much everything will heal you and raise your shields. The water, the vats, that weird blue goo, it’s all good for you. The best part, you don’t need to do anything. No item selection, no awkwardly trying to heal up on the move, all you need to do is stand in it and watch those bars rise back to full. And there’s no limit to how much you can do it. Extra tip, you can also hide in behind the water coming out of the pipes and no one will see you whilst you’re getting back all that delicious health. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

Get Centred

This is a thing the pros try to do all the time and it often means they’re the ones stood at the end for that sweet Victory Royale. Getting to the centre of the zone means you’re more likely to get to the next zone first. This means you’re more likely to pick off players who are trying to get away from the storm. Keeping in the centre might feel like you’re out in the open, but in fact it might just be the best place to be. 

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

Harvest Other Players Materials

New to Fortnite Chapter 2 and not everyone has realised this yet, but you can now break down enemy structures and harvest all their hard earn materials. It’s that simple and means if you’re stuck for materials because there’s nothing useful nearby, hopefully the other players will have done the hard work for you.  

Image by Fortnite | Epic Games

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