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Try This Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Quiz!

What on earth is a Stink Flower? Enter the jungle and see how much you know about this action-packed new Fortnite update!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2023

It's the best time of year... no, not Christmas! No, not your birthday either! It's new Fortnite time! And Chapter 4 Season 3 is a doozy! There's new map locations, new weapons, and all kinds of cool additions to the ancient jungle zone that's suddenly appeared in the centre of the map. So answer these questions and we'll check how much you know about this new update!

Good luck, Fortnite fans!

1/10 An old style map

What's happened to the centre of the map in this update?

Fortnite | Epic Games

Shady... what?

3/10 A biscuit

Complete the name of the new weapon: The ____ rifle

4/10 An angry gamer

Rumour has it that Chapter 4, Season 3 is the LAST EVER update to Fortnite. True or false?

5/10 A boomerang

Kinetic boomerangs are... what?

6/10 A wasp with a huge grin

How can you escape a wildwasp jar attack?

Fortnite | Epic Games

What's this new weapon called?

8/10 A muddy pig

This update has... what in it?

Fortnite | Epic Games

How do you set off Stink Flowers?

10/10 A big, grumpy cat

What's the name of the new cat skin?

Fortnite | Epic Games

Bah! This isn't your best work! Are you sure you're a Fortnite fan? Looks like you better play a bit more and then come back for a second go! We're sure you'll do better next time! Right? If not we have loads of other gaming quizzes for you to try!

Fortnite | Epic Games

Nicely done! You clearly know your stuff! You did still miss out on a few right answers, but never mind. If you want to score higher there's only one thing for it... go play a bunch of Fortnite and then come back for round two! Up for the challenge? Great - if not we have loads of other Fortnite quizzes for you!

Fortnite | Epic Games

Uh huh! Now this is a good score! You know LOADS about the new Fortnite update! There's a lot to take n too, so well done. You almost bagged a full 10/10, but just missed out on one or two right answers. Are you happy with this score? Or would you like to try and beat it on a different gaming quiz? We have plenty of others!

Fortnite | Epic Games

Perfect! What a score! You really nailed this! Amazing work! You got a full 10/10 - this score can't be beat! Well done... do you fancy seeing if you can match this score on a different gaming quiz? We have loads more! If not just sit back and enjoy that winning feeling!