Fortnite Dances Quiz

Think you know about the dance moves in Fortnite? Test your knowledge with this awesome quiz - it's harder than you think!


What TV show is the Fortnite dance Fresh based on?

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Why is the floss called the floss?

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Did Fortnite invent the robot dance?

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What film does the Hootenanny dance come from?

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What are dances called in Fortnite?

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Which of these have you been using in the past week to keep in touch with friends....

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How do you unlock dance moves in Fortnite?

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The dance Ride the Pony comes from Gangnam Style by Psy. Where is Psy from?

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How many dances are there in Fortnite?

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Who's most famous for flossing in real life?

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Which one of these Fortnite dances should you not do after eating an entire birthday cake to yourself?

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