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Play it While You Can… Fortnite is Going to be Banned!

We're all addicted to playing Fortnite Battle Royale, especially since it became a phone app. But is the game too addictive?

Who hasn’t recently become addicted to playing Fortnite: Battle Royale? It’s super fun and super addictive but some parents have decided that it’s gone too far! Boooo! And in fact, now even Prince Harry has spoken out against Battle Royale, turning it into a right Royal battle!

And only recently the app version had been released and shot to the top of the download charts but now it’s looking like it will be deleted from your device for ever thanks to complaining parents all over the UK. First it was Flappy Bird, and now this! What do you think of the ban? Have you been playing Fortnite too much? What will you do if the game disappears forever?