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Fortnite Facts You Need To Know!

Fortnite's the biggest game in the world! But do you know all these Fortnite facts?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Everyone's playing Fortnite: Battle Royale! From Twitch superstars like Ninja and YouTube creators like Ali-A to real-life superstars like Drake and Chance the Rapper, we're all chasing those Victory Royales! But how many awesome Fortnite facts do you know?

Check out this  trivia you should know about your favourite game, then check out our other Fortnite quizzes and articles!

1. Fortnite has been around for ages - it launched in 2011

Fortnite might even be older than you! 

Billy Bicep | Youtube, Fornite | Epic Games

2. Fornite is made by Epic Games, who also make games like Bullet Storm, Gears of War and Paragon!

Do you play any of these other awesome games?

Salty | Youtube Fortnite | Epic Games

3. Battle Royal was an experiment!

 Battle Royale was originally an experiment, but it became so popular it's now one of the main features of the game! How much would you miss Battle Royale if it wasn't there??

DSP Gaming | Youtube, Fortnite | Epic Games

4. Loads of celebs play it!

 Celebs like Drake, Joe Jonas, Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things and Chance the Rapper are all big fans!


5. The game has loads of references to movies, characters and dances from the real world.

Movies and characters referenced include Thanos, Avengers and Scrubs. How many have you noticed?

6. Fortnite's on the school curriculum!

A class in Ohio, USA made a bet with their teacher that if their tweet got enough likes, he would have to put Fortnite questions in their exam! And they did! Wow! 

DSP Gaming | Youtube, Fortnite | Epic Games

7. The Fortnite Durr burger exists in real life!

In 2018 a giant model of a Durr burger appeared in the Mojave desert! No one knows why it turned up there! Don't try to eat it, though. 

8. Rare skins for Fortnite include The Dark Knight, The Reaper and Double Helix.

 Have you ever managed to get any of those super rare skins?