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The Ultimate Frank Pugan Quiz

It's a dog's life! How much do you know about this mega-famous four-legged celebrity? There's only one way to find out - quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021
1/12 Frank with a teddy bear
@frankpugan | instagram

What kind of dog is Frank?

2/12 Frank eating cake
@frankpugan | instagram

Frank hasn't always been called Frank. What was his birth name?

3/12 Frank wearing a sombrero
@frankpugan | instagram

What's Frank's catchphrase?

4/12 Frank looking confused
@frankpugan | instagram

What does Frank often do with his tongue in photos?

5/12 Closeup of Frank
@frankpugan | instagram

Who owns Frank? Click to reveal!

6/12 Frank and Piper
@frankpugan | instagram

Who gave Frank to Piper?

7/12 Frank in a Chinese New Year outfit

Pugs originally came from...where?


That's right! Pugs were first bred about 2000 years ago in the Chinese court. They became popular because their forehead wrinkles look like the Chinese character "็Ž‹โ€œ. Can you guess what it means?

9/12 Frank and a friend
@frankpugan | instagram

Who's Frank's mate?

@Piper Rockelle | Youtube

Guess the title of this video!

@frankpugan | instagram

What is Frank dressed as for Halloween? Click to reveal!

12/12 Frank on his birthday
@frankpugan | instagram

What month is Frank's birthday in?

@frankpugan | instagram

Ruh-roh! How did that happen? Never mind - try a different quiz?

@frankpugan | instagram

Pretty decent! Frank reckons you can do better though... But he's a pug of very high standards. Try again on a different quiz?

@frankpugan | instagram

Good work! Frank is impressed! Can you beat this score on a different quiz?

Very impressive! Frank is really pleased with this score! Well, we think that's what he's saying!