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Frozen Lyrics Quiz - Fab Fans First!

They’re some of the best songs out there - but can you sing along?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 2nd 2024

There’s nothing more embarrassing than forgetting the lyrics just as your favourite Frozen song comes on - so why not try this quiz for size and see if you can nail all the answers? Will you end up in a melted puddle of “errrrms” and “ummmms” or will you prove to the world you really know your stuff?!


Where does the snow glow white?


Why have a ballroom with…




What doesn’t bother you anyway?


Every inch of me is trembling…


In Let It Go, what gets slammed?


How many salad plates are there in the kitchen?


Do you wanna build a…


Okay, can I just, say something crazy?...


We finish each others…

Uh oh! Looks like it's time to journey deeper into the heart of Frozen's lyrics. You haven’t done as well here as you might have done! Maybe you've wandered into an icy maze of lyrical confusion… Why not have another go and see if you can do better?

Alright! Now we're delving into some seriously frosty fun! You've shown some serious memory skills and you’ve done alright on this quiz, but there's still more adventure to be had in the Singdom of Arendelle. Why not take a stroll through some of Frozen's iconic tunes and see if you can do better?

Epic score! Wow! You're almost at the summit of this snowy mountain! You've earned the title of a Frozen Megafan without a doubt. But do you dare to try again? You never know until you try, but we think you’ve got what it takes to be the master! Why not give it one more whirl?

Incredible, you've reached the peak, you're the maestro of Frozen's melodies! There's nobody better, not even Elsa herself! You're at the pinnacle of your Frozen knowledge and the view from up there is pretty good right?! Well done, give yourself a warm hug! But now you’ve crushed that, why not explore more Frozen-themed challenges on the site? See if you can conquer them too!