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Can You Complete This Fun Maths Quiz?

Do you have what it takes to complete the most fun maths quiz in the world?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 27th 2022

Get ready, boffins!

1/10 A man working out a maths problem | Maths quiz

There is a three digit number. The second digit is four times as big as the third digit, while the first digit is three less than the second digit. What is the number? 

2/10 Kitchen scales weighing some apples

What weighs more? A ton of apples or a ton of feathers?

3/10 A girl shrugging

If 12 x 12 = X then what is X?

4/10 Students raising their hands in a maths lesson

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what are four and five?

5/10 A man writing equations on a glass window

How many sides does a circle have?

6/10 A calculator and pencil

What is the largest known number in the world?

7/10 Lots of colourful sweets

Your teacher has brought some sweets for the class. After giving 3 sweets each to 15 children who had completed their homework, she has 60 sweets left. How many did she bring to school?

8/10 A person working out a problem on a huge chalkboard

How many sides does a nonagon have?

9/10 Zach Galifianakis
Producers: Daniel Goldberg, Todd Phillips | Director: Todd Phillips | Legendary Pictures, Green Hat Films, BenderSpink

What number comes after a million, billion and trillion?

10/10 Complicated maths equations

A convex shape curves outwards. True or false?

Oh dear! Why not have another go? We believe in you!

Good try!

Good try! You managed some pretty tricky questions with ease. Why not have another go?

Great stuff!

Great stuff! We bet you do your maths homework on time and everything!


Boffin! There's no other word to describe this fantastic result!