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Funniest Places to Do the Floss Dance – Where Would You Choose?

You can Floss in Fortnite but we bet there's some other great locations that would be just as great!

Where do you dance?

At school? On the bus? At a Royal wedding?

Wait, was that last one real?

Well, if it wasn’t then don’t worry, because we’ve imagined the funniest places you could be flossing!

In space

To be precise, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars-style. They do the Floss in space, right? Well, if they didn’t before, they do now – and we’ve got our finest Jedi on the case to prove it.

Walt Disney | YouTube

In Hogwarts

Dumbledore’s a real dancer but we bet he never had moves like this.Just make sure Snape doesn’t catch you practicing your moves or else it’ll be off to scrub the floors in Slytherin as punishment!

Warner Bros | YouTube

At a royal wedding

Yeah, we know, Harry and Meghan are already married so you’re going to have to find another wedding to floss at for now.

BBC | YouTube

With a unicorn

Unicorns are hard to spot in the wild, but have you ever wondered why that is?It’s because they’re too busy perfecting their dance style – unicorns are big fans of Strictly so they need to get their moves just right.