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This Funny Car-haha Quiz is Wheeley Good!

Think you know all the weirdest car facts out there? It's time to find out! We've put together a very funny car quiz to test your strangest car trivia!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 15th 2022

Cars. They take you places. But they're also very funny. So here's a quiz on all the oddest car facts out there! How many of these random cars questions can you get right?

1/10 Car and question marks

What's the name of the magic car in the musical of the same name?

2/10 Dog and cat in car with splat

True or false: You used to get steam-powered cars?

3/10 Car wheel with eyes

How long would it take to get to the moon in a car?

4/10 Corn background and Beano banana

Which of these have been used as car fuel?

5/10 Woman getting speeding ticket, gasping emoji

What year was the first ever speeding ticket issued?

6/10 Cat looking out of car

What is 'car' short for?

7/10 Woman with driving wheel and splats

What's the name of Batman's car?

8/10 Mad inventor

Who invented the car?

9/10 A toad and a car

Which children's book character is obsessed with cars?

10/10 Cars
Cars | Walt Disney Pixar | Walt Disney Pictures | Darla K. Anderson | John Lasseter

What's the name of that Disney movie about cars?

Lowest result

Oh nooo! Are you sure you weren't thinking of boats? Never mind, have another go and see if you can score any higher on this funny cars quiz!

Try again result

Well, you tried, but you didn't score high enough to show how many funny car facts you know! Try again!

Nice job result

Good job! You obviously have a love for cars and all the silly facts about them! Can you get full marks next time?

Awesome result

Awesome! You're a car expert and you obviously know loads of random funny things about cars! Nice job!