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Games to Try if You Like Roblox

If you like Roblox then you're going to LOVE these awesome games!

1. Terraria

This game is awesome. It’s about exploration, but you still have to create stuff to survive! You’ll love this if you’ve got an adventurous imagination. 

2. Tomodachi Life

This Nintendo game is structured but fun. Create your own island and enjoy it!

3. Minecraft

It’s the other amazing crafting game. Build loads of different creations or battle the Ender Dragon! 

4. LEGO City Undercover

With this game you can experience a whole city – brick by brick! 

5. Growtopia

This game is simpler and easier than Roblox, but don’t worry, it’s still awesome! 

6. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is all about exploration…Push yourself and see what you can do!

7. Awesome Discoveries In Outer Space

Okay…So it’s not THAT much like Roblox. But we still think it’s great! 

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