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This Gas Quiz Is Flames!

Answer these app-solutely awesome questions and find out how much you know about Gas!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 13th 2023

Gas is a social media app with a difference! This one isn't about taking selfies or sharing lip-sync videos, it's just a fun, simple way to have fun with your pals! Gas tries to avoid all the negativity and nastiness of other social media apps, and they do it in a pretty smart way. Are you a fan of the app? Let's see how much you know with this epic gassed up tech quiz!


What does "gas up" mean?


What do you do in the app?


One of the people who made Gas also made another app that's not around any more. What was it called?


What do you get when you win a vote?


What's the premium subscription called?

6/10 A man with a silly amount of cash

What's the point of the app?


What does God Mode do?


Can you DM other people on Gas?

9/10 A person in a shirt casting their vote

Which of these is NOT a real gas poll?


Who do you play with in gas?

Uh oh! This is not your best work. Have you actually tried Gas? If not - give a go! Then come back and try this quiz again! Or, *whispers*... you can try another one. We have loads and loads!

Pretty good! This result could be much worse. It could still be a bit better though, so you might want to have another quick go and see if you can improve on this score. Or try your luck at a different tech quiz! There are lots more where this one came from!

Wow! Very nice! What a score! You must play Gas all the time with your school pals! Good work. You didn't quite get 10/10 but never mind... you can always see if you can beat this score on a different tech quiz!

Wahoo! High score! Amazing! You know Gas inside out! So impressive! This perfect 10/10 score can be beaten... but maybe you can match it on a different tech quiz? We have lots of others to try!