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Genshin Impact Kin Quiz

Which Genshin Impact character are you most like? Find out here!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 13th 2022

Ever play Genshin and wish you could live in the world? Our cool character quiz will let you know which character you share the most in common with! Are you a hero, an adventurer, a leader, or maybe an alchemist? Remember to check out some more gaming quizzes here - try our Genshin trivia quiz here, or our Roblox pet swarm quiz!


Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


Pick an elemental sign


What's your Hogwarts house?


And a Hunger Games district?


What's your favourite colour out of these?


What's your favourite Dungeons and Dragons alignment?


What do you do when you're angry?


Pick an outfit


Pick an animal


Which of the following sounds like the best vibe?

Genshin Impact | miHoYo

The Traveler

You're the Traveler! You're loyal, just and a born leader - maybe there's two sides to you, too? What's more, you achieve everything you put your mind to!

Genshin Impact | miHoYo

Kamisato Ayaka

You're Ayaka! Just like her you are grace and beauty defined, but you're also incredibly kind and caring. You're a wonderful friend.

Genshin Impact | miHoYo


You're Albedo! You're focused and a truth-seeker, and you're probably among the cleverest of your friends. You've definitely got an artistic side, too!

Genshin Impact | miHoYo

Sangonomiya Kokomi

You're an excellent planner and one of the smartest in your class, but you're not without your quirks! You're also a keen reader, and your friends love you because you're kind.