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Genshin Impact Quiz - For Adventurers Only!

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest and best mobile games out there, but can you beat this quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 16th 2022

Genshin Impact is a truly fantastical story with epic characters with an even more epic journey for you to go on as you seek out the mysteries of Teyvat. But do you know more than a Genshin rookie? Have you got the quizzy knowledge to fulfil your destiny!? Let’s find out, because after all, there’s only one place where you can and that’s right here!!


Where is Genshin Impact set?


How many elements are there in the game?


Which city sits on an island?

Genshin Impact |

Where does the Sayu live?


What is Sumeru famous for?

Genshin Impact |

What is Jean’s job?

Genshin Impact |

Diluc is one of the wealthiest characters, but where do they live?

Genshin Impact |

What is the name of Fischl’s night raven partner?

Genshin Impact |

What is Lisa’s favourite pastime?

Genshin Impact |

What is Raiden Shogun’s power?

Genshin Impact |

Oh dear, okay! It looks like Genshin knowledge isn’t quite your strongest skill, but that’s ok, you wouldn’t jump in and fight the toughest battle with no training would you?! Nope! So think of this like the first step on your training, let’s get back out there and have another go!

Genshin Impact |

Nice, not bad! You know a fair amount about the world of Teyvat and the wonderful characters and things that happen there - that’s not to say there isn’t room for a bit of improvement. Things can always get better, and you can always get a bit stronger! So take a deep breath and get ready for the next chapter! Let’s go!

Genshin Impact |

Awesome, you’re one of the most talented adventurers out there in the world of Teyvat and the end is in sight! You knowledge sets you apart from 75% of the rest, so give yourself a pat on the back and give it one more try - you’ll achieve amazing things with one last push! You can do it!

Genshin Impact |

Epic! We don’t quite know how you’ve done this but you’ve managed to completely ace this quiz, you’re almost certainly a Genshin Impact expert and it shows! Getting 100% on a quiz isn’t something that just anyone can do, so well done! But the thing about adventurers is that they never give up, so why not check out some of the other quizzes on the site and see if you can beat them too?!