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Geography Facts

How many of these awesome geography facts did you know?

The world is a big place- like, really big – and it’s stuffed full of cool facts! How may of these awesome geography facts did you already know? If you’ve looking for more awesome geography fun, check out some more geography quizzes, test your geography trivia and challenge yourself to locate these cool places!

71% Of The Earth Is Covered In Water

That’s most of it! Yes, the world is basically one big swimming pool – look out for the sharks!

All The Continents On Earth Were Once One Giant Continent Called Pangea

Millions of years ago, all the land was connected, but slowly over time, it broke up into the continents we know today! How weird is it that once upon a time, you could walk from the UK to Canada?!

Russia Is The Largest Country In The World

Russia stretches over two different continents and borders 14 different countries! 

The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Is Called The Challenger Deep

The Challenger Deep is around 10,900m deep! That’s very, very, very, VERY deep. We don’t even know all the weird and wonderful creatures that live down there…yet. 

Mount Everest Is 8,848 m High

That’s almost as high as the Challenger Deep is deep! In fact, Everest is SO high that you need extra oxygen to help you get to the top!

China Has The World’s Largest Population

China’s population is 1.42 billion people, which makes up almost 20% of the whole worlds population! That’s a lot of people!

Vatican City Has The Smallest Population

Vatican City, a tiny country inside Italy, has only a population of 1,000 people!

Deserts Aren’t Always Hot

The world ‘desert’ doesn’t mean ‘hot’, it just means a place where not much grows. The Arctic could also be considered a desert! And even the hottest deserts can get very very VERY cold at night!

Australia Is Wider Than The Moon

The moon is 3,400km wide, but Australia is 4,000km! Australia wins! You can’t find kangaroos on the moon either! 

The North Pole Doesn’t Stay Still

 The North Pole isn’t stationary. Over time, it will move  – sometimes up to 50 miles a day! This is because the North Pole is magnetic, and it reacts to the iron core of the Earth, which also moves. Cool!