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19 Weird & Interesting Geography Fun Facts

We’ve travelled the globe, been to the deepest trench, climbed the highest mountain, and spent a bit of time on wikipedia to research these 20 wierd and interesting geography fun facts especially for you! How many of these awesome geography facts did you know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2022

The world is a big place- like, really big - and it's stuffed full of cool facts! How may of these awesome geography facts did you already know? If you've looking for more awesome geography fun, check out some more geography quizzes, test your geography trivia and challenge yourself to locate these cool places

1. Mount Thor is the coolest mountain and not just because of its name

A mountain on Baffin Island, Canada, has Earth’s highest vertical drop. If you jumped off (with a parachute) you would fall a mile before landing (in a safe and responsible way). The mountain is also famous for having the coolest name of any mountain. Say hello to the awesome Mount Thor!

2. Ninety percent of Earth's population lives in the Northern side of the globe

That half is called the Northern Hemisphere and the majority of these people are living in China, Russia, America and Europe!

A crowd of people and a pineapple

3. More people live in the American state of California than Canada

Canada has more moose though so that’s something.

4. There is a sea that is below sea level

The Dead Sea that lies between Israel and Jordan is currently almost 500 metres below sea level and getting lower each year. It’s a result of evaporation and humans diverting the water that would otherwise refresh the lake.

5. It’s possible to walk from Russia to the USA at certain times of the year

The shortest distance (between two islands each owened by the different countries) is only 2.5 miles.

6. Your fingernails grow at an inch per year

Why’s that fact on a Geography Fact Page? Well, it’s also the same speed that the continents move. Despite their slow speed, when continental plates collide they generate enough force to create huge mountain ranges (just really slowly). It’s hard to show such slow movement with a photo so here’s a picture of some delicious fishfingers.

Fish fingers

7. There is only one continent in the world that includes the Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern hemispheres

It’s Africa! The four quarters actually cross on the Island of Kiribati just of the coast of Africa.

A lion in the Kalahari

8. The worlds biggest ocean is the Pacific

It covers approximately 63 million square miles. That’s a lot of water!

9. In total 71% Of The Earth Is Covered In Water

That's most of it! Yes, the world is basically one big swimming pool - look out for the sharks*

*We’re just being glib. Actually sharks are more endangered by humans than the other way round. Best to keep out their way if you see one though!

10. All The Continents On Earth Were Once One Giant Continent Called Pangea

Millions of years ago, all the land was connected, but slowly over time, it broke up into the continents we know today! How weird is it that once upon a time, you could walk from the UK to Canada?

11. Russia Is The Largest Country In The World

Russia stretches over two different continents and borders 14 different countries! 

12. The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Is Called The Challenger Deep

The Challenger Deep is around 10,900m deep! That's very, very, very, VERY deep. We don't even know all the weird and wonderful creatures that live down there...yet. 

13. Mount Everest Is 8,848 m High

That's almost as high as the Challenger Deep is deep! In fact, Everest is SO high that you need extra oxygen to help you get to the top!

Mount Everest

14. China Has The World's Largest Population

China's population is 1.42 billion people as of 2021, which makes up almost 20% of the whole worlds population! That's a lot of people!

15. Vatican City Has The Smallest Population

Vatican City, a tiny country inside Italy, has an official population of 825. Actually 824 as someone just crossed into Italy to do some shopping. Now it’s 825 again as they forgot their wallet and have had to run home.

16. Deserts Aren't Always Hot

The world 'desert' doesn't mean 'hot', it just means a place where not much grows. The Arctic could also be considered a desert! And even the hottest deserts can get very very VERY cold at night!

17. Australia Is Wider Than The Moon

The moon is 3,400km wide, but Australia is 4,000km! Australia wins! You can't find kangaroos on the moon either! Now that would take one giant leap!

18. The North Pole Moves

This fact has BLOWN my mind! Get this: The North Pole isn’t stationary! Over time, it will move  - sometimes up to 50 miles a day. This is because the North Pole is magnetic, and it reacts to the iron core of the Earth, which also moves. I didn’t think the North Pole could get much cooler!

Polar Bear Facts
Polar Bear Facts

19. If you stand on The South Pole you can only face North!

Think about it. This penguin knows what we’re talking about!