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Geometry Jokes

Don’t be a square! Try(angle) having a laugh at our Funny Geometry Jokes

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 6th 2022

These Geometry Jokes aren’t just side splitting they’re also educational. Well, maybe they’re not educational but you might find out some new shapes before you’ve hexagone crazy with laughter. Clap your hands, throw some shapes, it’s time for our Funny Geometry Jokes!

Did you hear about the Geometry Teacher who spilled fishfingers from his baking tray?

It said “put in oven at 180 degrees”

How do Farmers make perfect crop circles? 

They have Pro-tractors!

Professor Circle is very educated...

She has 360 degrees!

How do shapes get to school?

On the rhombus!

Why couldn’t the square play football? 

He’d twisted his angle!

What do you call a an angular parrot?

A Polygon!

What do you get if you smash up a cuboid with a sledgehammer? 

A rectangle!

What do circles say when the meet?

Nice to see you around!

How does a Geometry teacher order a burger?


Did you hear about the Geometry Teacher who robbed a bank?

He was sent to Prism!

What do you call a shape that’s howling at the moon?

A squarewolf!

Where did you find out about Pythagorus’ theorem?

I heard it on the hypote-news!

The Kingdom of Lines is a lovely place to live…

They have a great ruler!

Why shouldn’t you listen to an obtuse angle?

They’re never right!

What did the circle say when it was placed on an tall rectangle? 

Tree Jokes
Tree Jokes

Gee! I’m a tree!

How do you get to see all the faces of a 3D shape?

You need to go to the back of the cube like everybody else!

What’s the funniest 3D shape?

The sillyndar!

What geometric form is also king of the jungle? 

The line!

What do Geometry teachers do when it’s cold? 

They make snow angles!

My Geometry teacher’s rubbish at explaining trigonometry… 

She keeps going off on a tangent!

What did the nasty triangle say to the circle? 

You’re pointless!

What kind of lunches do geometry teachers enjoy?

Square meals!